Ruins of Gede and Malindi

Gede The lost city – Malindi

The Ruins of Gede are one of the few archaeological sites in Kenya, located 7 km from Watamu. it is believed that the city of Gede was founded by the Arabs in the 11th century and then suddenly abandoned in the 18th century. The visit to the ruins will allow you to observe what remains of it: the walls, three mosques, the palace of the sultan and other houses. the remains are immersed in a forest of baobabs, quinine and redwoods inhabited by nice monkeys that accompany visitors during the tour. The legends and local beliefs make the ruins of Gede a magical place, impossible not to be fascinated. We will then continue towards Malindi. here different cultures and religions coexist and mix, we will visit the new and old part to understand the rhythm and lifestyle of its inhabitants. walking through the streets we will see the mosque, the colorful craft market, the historic center with the market of fruit, vegetables and everyday objects. We will also cross the new area with banks, clubs and shopping centers. the tour ends with a visit to the wood factory where you can watch the woodworking by local artisans and buy souvenirs.

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