Golden Beach . Robinson Island . Marafa Canyon


Full day, departure after breakfast at 8:30

.a few kilometers from Malindi, we will reach the bridge over the Sabaki river (the river is the one that crosses the Tsavo East park, with the name of Galana and is called Sabaki in the last stretch before ending its course in the Indian Ocean)

to get to the golden beach we will travel along roads surrounded by palm trees and dunes, in some places the path is covered with coconut shells to prevent the machine from being covered up.

The name of this beach is due to the bronze / gold colored sand, rich in pyrite. at low tide the reflection of the sun creates a gleaming golden patina!

You can lie in the sun, swim in the ocean, stroll along the beach.

Throwing your palms on the sand you will find them full of gold flakes!

we will continue to the island of Robinson passing through the largest salt pans in Kenya where we can admire flamingos. Robinson Island vi

will allow you to savor the beauty and tranquility of uncontaminated nature. a nice gentleman nicknamed Caronte will make you cross a very short stretch of sea aboard his canoe to get to Robinson beach.

here in a typical African restaurant lunch will be served based on the characteristic Robinson red crab, prawns, oysters au gratin with coconut, fish, rice

coconut, salad, fresh fruit, Arab coffee with cinnamon. (Drinks are from

pay separately) .after a bit of relax we leave again for Marafa / Canyon (also called Cucina del Diavolo) where you will meet the local guide who will tell you stories of this place and will accompany you in the gorges of the canyon whose color varies during the day based on the inclination of the sunrays. then we will await the sunset with the breathtaking colors typical of Africa.

Return to your resort at about 7.30pm.

Attention bring passports and sneakers to walk in Kenyon.

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